Desserts and Snacks table

All our tables include: menteleria , assembly, glasswork, tags and individually decorated to your liking.


Our sweet candy bar

  • Fresas con crema
  • Fresas cubiertas de chocolate
  • Manzanas cubiertas de chocolate
  • Arroz con Leche
  • Pretzel con chocolate
  • Brochetas de bombom
  • Brochetas de gomitas
  • Brownies
  • Rice Krispies con chocolate
  • Cake pops
  • Palomitas

Enjoy Our Sweet Candy Bar and Tables

  • Cupcakes
  • Tartas de fruta
  • Mouse de chocolate con base de
  • pastel o galleta oreo
  • Pastel de chocolate
  • Paletas de bombón depersonajes
  • Gelatinas
  • Cherry boals
  • Flan

Welcome to our Mexican Spicy Candy

  • Tostilocos
  • Manzanas cubiertas de chile
  • Churritos
  • Frituras
  • Brochetas picositas
  • Frutas de vaso (pepino


Delicious Typical Mexican Candies

  • Pepinos locos
  • Taquitos de Jicama y chamoy
  • Naranja con saladitos
  • Rosca de Frutas
  • Dulce Mexicano (costo extra)s.

Authentic Bellas Mexican candy Celebrate with us!!

Our Dessert Table Pricing

Welcome to Bellas Mexican candy Table

Our Bellas Mexican candy

offers some of the most exquisite and delicious concoctions for chocolate lovers. After all it was the Aztecs who introduced the cacao plant, which makes most of today’s delicious confections. The most famous chocolate brands are Carlos V, Abuelita, Ibarra etc..

The best Mexican candy & its variety of flavors,

textures and shapes truly make it a work of art for the world. Mexican traditional candy offers some of the most delicious sweets for all types of candy lovers, whether you love liquid, solid, spicy, salty or sweet candy, you’ll love the authentic and exquisite taste of Bellas Mexican candy sweets.

We know any special event is both fun and tedious at the same time, so let us take care of the hard work so that you could focus on the important things, your guests!!

Our Mexican Traditional Candy


Enjoy Now! You’ll love the authentic and exquisite taste of Bellas Mexican candy sweets